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Apple Watch SE Gen 2 Review Features Specs and cool design

Apple Watch SE Gen 2 Review Features Specs and cool design. Now, watches are not only used to see the time. For example, Smart Watch products from Apple can be used for a variety of needs. 

Apple Watch is one of the great devices for your active life. 

So, one of the Apple Watch products that we will discuss this time is a review of the Apple Watch SE Gen 2 with very cool specifications and design features.

You can use the features in these Apple Watch products as an assistant. 

Its main sophistication is that it can connect with your iPhone. So you don't have to bother checking your phone when there are incoming notifications, because all notifications will go to your Apple Watch.

In addition, Apple Watch can also be used for heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and so on. 

So if you are an active person, this Apple Watch will be very helpful. Interested in buying an Apple Watch? So, the 2nd generation Apple Watch SE is one of the recommended ones for those of you who don't have an Apple Watch yet.

Apple Watch SE Gen 2

As follows, We will review or review the Apple Watch SE Gen 2, complete with what specifications and features you need to know. Let's see.

The Apple Watch SE is one of the recommended devices for Apple users who have never owned or used an Apple Watch before, and want to try it first before finally opting for the most complete model. 

And now comes the second generation, which is more powerful and just as interesting as the previous one.


The first thing we see or pay attention to before buying a product is in terms of design and screen first. 

So, for the 2nd generation Apple Watch SE, this is a new entry-level smartwatch that is exactly the same in design and screen as its predecessor, the series 6.

The smartwatch is only available in two case sizes, namely 44 and 40 milliliters and aluminum. As for the color of the box, for example, there are silver, white and Midnight Star. 

The Apple Watch SE Gen 2 is very well made with good design and materials although it does not offer anything new in terms of design.

The watch strap used is also very nice, smooth and comfortable. 

For the screen, it uses a Retina OLED LTPO panel that will provide good screen brightness, for example during the day, the resolution is good and has an excellent tactile response.


In terms of performance, the Apple Watch SE Gen 2 has quite interesting changes, although they are not so pronounced in our daily lives. 

Where there is a new processor, that is, for the first generation Apple Watch it uses the S5 processor, but this time for this new model it makes the leap of using the S8 processor, the same one used by the 8 and Ultra Series (Series 6 and 7).

The device has a basic health analysis for example to analyze the heart rate. The sensor itself is very accurate, the same as the series 8 device. 

This will allow us to receive notifications when our heart rate drops or exceeds a certain frequency.

In addition, another of the software contained in this device is the sleep analysis that can show us the resting heart rate and the estimated respiratory rate. 

So, when it comes to sports, the Apple Watch SE 2 offers the same features or experience as the series 8.


The Apple Watch SE does not have fast charging or it takes at least about two hours for the charging process to take place. 

As for the battery life itself, it can reach a day or half depending on how much the user uses it. For example, if we use many features, the battery will run out quickly.

However, WatchOS 9 allows us to activate the battery saving mode feature. So that we can get a few more hours of battery life that can operate longer.

The description above is complete information that discusses the Apple Watch SE Gen 2 Review with very cool specifications and design features that you should know. 

Especially for those of you who are considering buying an Apple Watch, this series is a suitable recommendation.

Apart from the design specifications and really cool features, using Apple Watch will make you look cooler. 

So there are many advantages that you can consider to have this one Apple Watch product. However, you also need to recognize its drawbacks aside from the fact that it is also quite expensive. Hopefully useful.