College Outfit Inspiration for Men | Simple But Still Cool and Polite

College Outfit Inspiration for Men | Simple But Still Cool and Polite. Want to upgrade your appearance to be cooler and more stylish? It's really easy, you just need to know the outfits or fashion that are trending. 

Well, not only women have a lot of ideas and inspiration related to fashion, men also have it. One of them is in the outfit category for going to campus. You can get a lot of ideas for inspiring men's lecture outfits that are simple but still cool and polite here.

If your appearance is maximum, of course, this is useful for increasing self-confidence and can also give a good first impression to the people who meet you. 

Especially if you just entered college, which is different from before who only used uniforms, now you can express yourself in free clothes according to taste. But he became confused about what kind of clothes looked cool and polite.

Don't worry, there are various male college outfits that you can try according to your personality. Maybe you like stylish, casual outfits, or maybe ordinary or neutral ones. 

Well, you can also combine it with various accessories that are suitable so that your appearance is more eye-catching. Curious what are the current college outfit recommendations? Let's see the list of information below.

College Outfit Inspiration for Men  Simple But Still Cool and Polite


Polo shirts or polo shirts may be identically used for the look of an older person or office. But it turns out that this polo shirt can be one of the outfits to go to a cool campus. 

The appearance is simple, you can combine polo and ankle pants that give a more relaxed impression. Then you can also use loafer shoes or sneakers.


Well, if the weather is cold or raining again, you can use an outfit in the form of a hoodie or sweater. Besides being able to make the body warm, a hoodie or sweater is suitable to be combined with jeans or materials that show a pretty stylish impression when you go to college later. In addition, you will look calmer but cooler.


Jeans can indeed be said to be a simple and basic outfit, but they are never outdated and the impression is suitable to be combined with any suit or in other words neutral. Well, if you have a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, you can pair it with the jeans. You can also customize the type of shirt yourself, whether it is plain or patterned.


Well, the next solution if you run out of outfit ideas to go to campus, try wearing a combination of a flannel shirt with your favorite pants. 

Although it looks simple, it can give a smart casual impression and look younger. To make it even cooler and more contemporary, you can combine it with casual sneakers.

Men who wear flannel shirts usually look cool and attractive. 

In addition, the thick material or fabric material is very suitable for activities on campus, especially if used in a lecture hall that is usually air-conditioned will make you comfortable and not interfere with your learning activities.


The combination of crewneck and jeans can give the impression of a relaxed but also smart look. You can use crewneck color options with light colors such as light gray, white and so on. 

Then pair it with jeans. So, to make your legs look longer, try choosing jeans that can form your legs or slim-fit jeans.


The next outfit option is a mix of outer and plain t-shirts. This outfit is suitable for those of you who want to look more relaxed but still seem on point at the same time. 

For a neater impression, you can combine a plain t-shirt with an outer starting from a shirt or parka. Well, for the bottom suit, you can use a type of jeans or chinos that can be adjusted to your taste.


Well, if you have found an outfit that suits your taste, don't forget one of the mandatory accessories for college children, namely a backpack or totebag. 

Bags in the form of backpacks or totebags are indeed useful for carrying your needs such as books, laptops and so on. 

However, the choice of backpack or totebag that you choose can also support your outfit. 

One of the recommended ones is that you can choose a bag with a plain design, if you want to add a minimalist impression.


The description above is more information that discusses the simple but still cool and polite Men's College Outfit Inspiration that you need to know. 

Now you have several choices of outfits or fashion to go to campus. Choose which one you think is suitable to be one of the styles worth trying.

Although usually this guy's college outfit is considered ordinary which is dominated by shirts, t-shirts or jeans only. 

But try to look cool and cool with various OOTD inspirations this lecture. Especially if you meet a crush on campus, surely you want to look cool and stylish, right? Hopefully, some of these ideas can make you look simple but cool. Hope it is useful.

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