10 How to Fix a Slow Laptop

10 How to Fix a Slow Laptop. Do you feel that your laptop is getting slower at this time? It is undeniable, the longer the laptop is used, the more the ability and performance of the laptop will decrease. 

This can be indicated by the increasing number of times your laptop loads when opening applications, laptop performance becomes slow, or laptops that often hang when opening many applications. 

This is common, because like other electronic products, laptops can also experience a decrease in quality, performance, and performance in carrying out their functions even though the laptop has high specifications. Especially if the laptop is not set up optimally, then your laptop is very prone to slowness when used. 

If these problems occur on your laptop, then it's a good idea not to rush to replace it with a new laptop, because for some conditions, there is still a slow laptop that can be repaired by you directly or assisted by your friends and family who have knowledge of computers / laptops. 

However, to be able to fix it directly, you must recognize the cause of your laptop becoming slow. There are several things that can cause the performance of a laptop to be slow. 

This can be because there are too many applications running in the background, how to use it that has exceeded the maximum limit, or because the life of the hard drive is too long. For some of these conditions, you can recognize the cause of your laptop becoming slow and overcome it.

10 How to Fix a Slow Laptop

10 How to Fix a Slow Laptop

1. Uninstall Apps Not Needed by You

Please note that the more you install too many applications, the more storage capacity in Drive C will be full, and this can make the system read the hard drive for too long. 

To fix this, try uninstalling applications that you don't need. In this way, your laptop will leave quite a lot of storage space in Drive C and the system will not take long in reading the hard drive and your laptop will not be slow when used.

2. Don't Forget to Use an Antivirus on Your Laptop

One of the reasons your laptop becomes slow is due to viruses and malware that attack the work system on your laptop. 

To fix this, you can use an Antivirus to make your laptop safer from virus and malware attacks and your laptop does not slow down when used.

3. Customize the Application Used to Your Laptop Specifications

For this one method, you must recognize the specifications of your laptop so that you know which applications are suitable for use on your laptop which are not. 

Because if you use an application that does not match the specifications of your laptop, then the laptop will become slow when used.

4. Customize the Use of the Application to Your Needs

One of the things you should pay attention to is the way you run the application. Run the application according to your needs. Because, if an application is overused, then your laptop will be slow. 

The way to overcome this is to analyze the RAM capacity and run the application according to your needs and your RAM capacity.

5. Diligently Clean Desktop and Applications During Laptop Startup

For some laptops with low specifications, putting a lot of applications on the desktop will also make the laptop's performance slow. For this reason, if the laptop specifications are low, then try to be diligent in cleaning the desktop. 

In addition, also clean the application at startup of the laptop. Because, if left uncleaned, it will take up RAM capacity, and it can also make your laptop slow.

6. Increase Your RAM Capacity

The sixth way to overcome a slow laptop is to increase your RAM capacity. For some needs on a laptop, RAM with a size of 2GB is considered insufficient to run programs and applications on a laptop. For a more stable and slow-proof performance, you can increase your RAM to 8GB or 16GB. 

However, you also need to pay attention to RAM specifications (DDR3 RAM, or DDR3L RAM, as well as DDR4 RAM) and also the maximum RAM capacity that can be applied to your laptop.

7. Use a Cooling Pad or Cooling

This method can be done when the temperature of the laptop is too hot. Because, if the laptop is overheated, the chances of your laptop experiencing a slowdown are even greater. 

Therefore, to overcome this, use a cooling pad device as an additional fan that is useful for maintaining the temperature of the laptop so that it does not overheat so that your laptop does not slow down when used.

8. Switch Your HDD Memory to SSD

One of the causes of slow laptops is because laptops still use HDD hard drives that have relatively slow data rates. To overcome this, you should switch the HDD storage in your laptop to SSD storage. 

Because, if it is not replaced, the risk of your laptop slowing down is getting higher and higher.

9. Overcome Slow Laptops with Disk Deframent Tools

You need to know, the more applications you have in your laptop, the slower your laptop will be in running usage performance. Therefore, you can take advantage of the Disk Defragment tool found in the control panel. 

Through the analyze and optimize stages, your files will be organized in such a way, and you can find out how many junk files or junk files are making your laptop slow.

10. Clean Up Your C Drive

The more applications you use, the fuller the capacity of your C Drive will be. Therefore, you can uninstall programs and applications that are considered burdensome for your laptop's performance. 

In this way, you can improve the performance of your laptop so that it does not slow down when used.

The Final Word

Those are 10 How to Fix a Slow Laptop that you can do. However, keep in mind, such means are not always one hundred percent successful. Because, this is also influenced by the age of the laptop and also the condition of the laptop. However, even so, at least this method can reduce obstacles that can make your laptop slow. 

That is the description of a related article 10 How to Fix a Slow Laptop. Hope it is useful.

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