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How To Write SEO Friendly Content for beginner bloggers

How To Write SEO Friendly Content for beginner bloggers. For you bloggers, having popular content must be a desire that you continue to want to realize.

To have a popular post, it is not enough to just write the best possible article or content. Writing articles well is indeed good, but writing articles that are able to attract the attention of many people and are search engine friendly is much better. 

Because, if your article  or content is search engine friendly, then your article will be easier to be on the first page of Google and be hunted by many visitors.

So how do you do it?

To do so, you need to know how to make articles SEO Friendly

How To Write SEO Friendly Content for beginner bloggers

How To Write SEO Friendly Content or Article

What is an SEO Friendly article or content?

Seo Friendly is the writing of articles that follow the rules of the latest Google algorithms so that they can attract the attention of readers.

Then, how to write articles seo for beginner bloggers?

Here's How to Write Articles seo friendly for beginner bloggers

a. Make Sure You're Using the Right Keywords

The first way to write articles in an SEO Friendly manner is to use the right keywords, namely words with a large search volume, small competition, and according to your blog niche.

Keywords with a large search volume indicate that they are widely searched by people. So, if you write an article  or content using keywords that the crowd is looking for, your article  or content will have the potential to attract a lot of readers.

In addition to using keywords with a large search volume, you can also use keywords with little competition. 

Because, later it will make it easier for you to win first pages and high positions in the Google search engine.

In addition, you should also choose keywords that suit your blog niche. Because, this will help to keep your content relevant and fit the needs of your blog visitors.

To get the right keywords, you can do keyword research first. Some free keyword research tools that you can use include ubersuggest, KWFinder, or Google Trends.

b. You Must Understand User Intent

When visitors get the information they want, they will certainly linger in your article  or content. This makes Google find your article or content useful and needs to get a high position in search engines. Therefore, you need to understand user intents.

c. Take a Unique Point of View

The third way is to take a unique point of view. By taking a unique point of view, this will make your article or content stand out more. However, you still have to pay attention to the user's intent as well, yes

d. Pay Attention to the Structure of the Article  or content

The fourth way is to pay attention to the structure of the article or content. This method is used to facilitate the writing process.

In addition, by paying attention to the structure of the article or content, then it will make it easier for visitors to understand your article or content.

e. Write the Opening Section Well

The next way you can do is to write a good article collection section in order to make a good impression and make readers feel at home for a long time reading your article or content.

f. Use the Inverted Pyramid Technique

The seventh way is to use the inverted pyramid technique.

What is the inverted pyramid technique?

An inverted pyramid is a writing technique where you put the most important information at the beginning, then followed by a more detailed explanation, and end with additional information.

g. Focus on the 1 topic covered

The next way is to make sure you focus on discussing 1 topic in your article or content so that the information conveyed becomes clearer and does not confuse readers.

h. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The next way is to avoid keyword stuffing.

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is overusing keywords. Of course, this method is not the recommended writing because it can interfere with the reader's focus. And make the keywords you use in the article or content as spam.

i. Increase the Use of The Word Connect

The next way is to increase the use of conjunctions to connect between sentences and between paragraphs. This method is used with the aim of helping the reader understand the relationship between the ideas in the article or content.

j. Insert Internal Links and External Links

The next way you can use to write articles in an SEO Friendly manner is to include internal links and external links in articles in your blog posts. Internal links are links from one page to another in the same blog or website. 

While external links are links that refer to blog pages or other websites. You can use this method to increase traffic on your blog or website because later Google will be easier to index your blog or website.

k. Add Visual Content

The next way is that you can also insert visual content such as images, infographics, or illustrations in your article posts.

This method is intended to make readers more comfortable in reading your article posts.

To obtain visual content, you can get visual content from free image provider websites such as Pixabay, pexels, or Unsplash.

l. Image Optimization

The next way you can use to write articles in an SEO Friendly manner is to optimize the images you use in the articles on your blog posts. The goal is to save storage resources, faster website loading times, and visitor comfort is better maintained.

m. Use Headings

The next way is to use the heading.

What is a heading?

A heading is the title of a section of an article that describes a particular piece of information.

By using headings, readers will find it easier to find the subject matter of your article.This method you can use to write articles in an SEO Friendly manner.

n. Strive for Optimal Article Length

The next way is to write an article with the optimal article length. Write an article of at least 300 words so that Google can understand your topic. For better results, you can use 1000 – 2500 words.

0. Pay Attention to the Technical Components of the Blog

Making articles SEO friendly requires you to pay attention to sentences and paragraphs, but also the technical components of the blog. The goal is to make your article look attractive and be able to compete in Google search results.

p. Take Advantage of SEO Plugins

The next way you can use to write articles in an SEO Friendly manner is to make sure you use one of the plugins to make it easier to write SEO articles. Because, later the SEO Plugin will automatically provide suggestions so that the SEO aspects in your article are optimal.

q. Make Sure You Don't Make Mistakes in Writing

For those of you who still often typo in typing, let's learn to reduce the typo. Because, to post an article, you have to make sure that you don't make any writing mistakes inside your article. For example, typos, improper use of punctuation, and incorrect grammar. Because, writing errors can reduce and damage the reader experience and reduce the quality of your article.

r. Consistently Posting Articles

Consistently posting articles is also very important as a way to make articles SEO Friendly, you know.

So, why, huh?

Because, by posting new articles, it means that you can provide more benefits to readers in the form of actual information while giving a positive impression to Google that your blog is active. That way, Google will not hesitate to position your article in a high position on the Google page.

s. Don't Forget to Promote the Article or Content

Last but Not Least, The next way you can use to write articles in an SEO Friendly manner is to promote your article.