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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Used Computer

Buying a Used Computer. Are you in the mood to buy a computer but have a limited budget? Then, buying a used computer can be a solution for you. 

Most people tend to prefer to buy technology products that are cheap and of high quality compared to new and expensive products, considering that they can save their budget.

Especially in the era of technology like today, computers have become one of the most important needs for humans.

Whether it's for work, study or just a means of entertainment so that there are demands and desires to have it. Therefore, not infrequently some choose to buy a used computer, with the option that it can still be used properly.

In the market itself, the business of buying and selling used computers is not a difficult thing to find. 

You can find used computers in online shops, some electronic equipment stores or even buy directly from the owner. This method is quite effective to reduce expenses. However, even if you buy a used computer, you also need to be more selective in choosing.

Considering that used products have been used before so in terms of condition, it is certainly inferior to the conditions when it was new. 

However, if you are selective in choosing a used computer that is pocket-friendly, then here are some advantages that you can get by buying a used computer. Here are the advantages of buying a used computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Used Computer

Buying a Used Computer

a. Can Get a Computer with High Specifications

In this case you should be able to determine what kind of computer suits your needs that can be determined from the computer specifications, but still be pocket-friendly. 

Because even with a standard budget, you can still get a computer with reliable specifications. 

If you want to have a high-specification computer but a thin budget, you don't have to buy a new computer that is relatively expensive, but simply buy a used computer.

By buying a used computer, the money spent is relatively less when compared to buying a new computer, then other budgets can be used to buy something, pay for school tuition or college, and even save money. How about it, isn't it profitable?

b. Relatively Not Far Away from a New Computer

Indeed, not all used computers are outdated, abrasions, and others. 

There are also many second-hand computers on the market with good conditions, smooth sailing, functions, and specifications are also almost the same as new computers.

Especially if the used computer's previous service life was still short around 1,2,3 months to 1 year and there is still an official warranty of both 1 year to 3 years from the manufacturer. 

So, the shorter the first service life of a used computer and there is even a warranty period, the used computer is almost the same as a new computer, both conditions, functions, performance, and specifications.

c. Functions and Specifications Are also the same as new computers

Both functions and specifications, used computers are also not inferior to new computers. 

However, in general, used computers offered by sellers sometimes do offer functions and specifications that are still capable, only usually increase memory capacity (HDD or SSD) and RAM, this is natural for sellers to do to improve the function and performance of used computers so that buyers feel satisfied.

d. Used Computers Are More Ready to Use

Why are used computers more ready to use? 

The answer is because used computers have been used by the first user so that they have been tested by the first use to work on typing, browsing, streaming, editing, programming, and gaming needs depending on the specifications of each computer.

Usually used computers have been installed by applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome and others and installed by operating systems, such as Windows so that they have been tested to be ready to use.

e. No Need to Install Applications & Operating System

As the so-called 4th point, used computers are generally already installed by applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Editing Applications, to Gaming. And also, used computers are installed by the Operating System. 

This makes used computers profitable, you know. 

Why is it profitable? Because you don't need to buy to install Applications and Operating Systems like Windows either Windows 7.8, up to 10.

But of course, in addition to the advantages, there are also some disadvantages obtained by buying a used computer.

Here are the disadvantages of buying a used computer

a. Product quality is not optimal

There are many reasons that make previous owners sell their computers to the market, one of which is because the quality is no longer as good as before. 

Until some components on the computer have begun to suffer damage. Therefore, sometimes when consumers buy it, the performance offered is no longer as good as before.

b. Must incur additional costs

Sometimes in just a few months after the purchase of a used computer, you have already found that there are some components that have been damaged, of course, inevitably you have to spend additional costs for repairs. 

Considering that there are still used products that are no longer equipped with a warranty so that for service there are costs that must be incurred by yourself.

c. A display that is no longer smooth

One of the characteristics that can be used to distinguish between used goods and new ones can indeed be seen from this one thing. 

The outside or hardware must have begun to change not as smoothly as when you just bought it, there are abrasions until sometimes some of the components have begun to disappear.

Those are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Used Computer. Consider carefully the profit and loss when you want to buy such a used computer. Hope this information can help