10 Quick Ways to Learn Computer on Your Own

Learn Computer - A computer is a tool used to process data according to a formulated procedure. 

The word computer was originally used to describe people whose work performs arithmetic calculations, with or without aids, but the meaning of this word was later transferred to the machine itself.

Nowadays, there are so many jobs whether it's in the office or other business jobs that require them to use a computer as a work aid. 

In addition, there are many schoolwork or learning materials that can be completed and understood if using a computer. 

Therefore, inevitably, to adapt to the times, we must understand how to use a computer so that it is not unusual, if the computer is an electronic device that is currently widely used by everyone, because of its benefits that really help many people to facilitate their work.

For this reason, it is very important that you understand how to use a computer. 

As for those of you who do not yet understand how to use a computer, this article will be of great help to you . Here are 10 Quick Ways to Learn Computer on Your Own.

10 Quick Ways to Learn Computer on Your Own

10 Things You Can Learn To Do On Your Computer

1. Intention to Study Computers Seriously

The first tip is the intention of studying computers in earnest. 

To do something should definitely be with intention, these first tips will help you to be more serious in learning and certainly to make you understand it more quickly as well.

2. Buy a Computer Study Handbook

The second tip is to buy a computer study guidebook so that you can use it as a guide and substitute for teachers to study.

Look for the most basic computer books so you can learn computer science from scratch.

3. Looking for References on the Internet as Additional Material

To add information about how to learn computers, you can add learning references from the Internet.

Through the internet, you can find various ways to do things on a computer, even now there are many media that provide learning content and tutorials in the form of videos such as Youtube.

4. Buy a Computer

These tips are no less important. By buying a computer, you can directly learn to practice your own guides and tutorials freely. 

As a suggestion, if to learn to buy a cheap and unnecessary new computer, you can use it to learn because if you buy a cheap or used computer, you can be more free in learning because you are not afraid of being damaged. 

As for those of you who are still indecisive in buying a used computer, you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used computer here. 

Only then, when you are already proficient in operating a computer, you can buy a better computer device or even a new one to help your daily activities to be more productive. 

5. Practice Directly

After you get references from books or from the internet, you must immediately practice what you have learned so that your learning process becomes more effective.

6. No Need to Be Afraid of Being Wrong

Buying a cheap computer is one of the tips so that you are not afraid of using the wrong computer. If you are afraid of being wrong and afraid that something bad will happen to your computer, it will definitely hinder you in learning. You have to dare to take new things to do without fear that the computer will break or so on. So don't be afraid to be wrong, yes

7. Repeated and Never Get Bored

Actually, repeating the things we have learned is indeed very boring, but we must not be bored in learning because if we are bored we will not be able to master the knowledge we have learned. 

For this reason, it is very important for you to repeat studying computers and never get bored. You always have to be consistent and keep your spirits up.

8. Studying Computer Components

Before you learn how the basics of learning computers are related to external factors, then before that you need to understand the components on a computer. 

This will really help you in practicing computer learning tutorials.

9. Learning Computer Operating Systems

After you have learned various kinds of computer components, then the general knowledge you need to know if you want to learn computers, namely knowing the types of computer operating systems.

Operating System is a program that functions to control a basic work system so that it can regulate the work of input media, outputs, processing media, etc. such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOs, Linux, android, mac os, debian, etc. 

An operating system is a software system that functions to control and coordinate the activities of a computer system. 

10. Knowing and Learning Common Software

After you know some kinds of computer operating systems that are commonly used, then the basic computer practice or knowledge that you should know next, namely about software that is commonly used and you often find on almost every computer. 

This will help you to be more proficient in operating the computer.

The Final Word

Those are 10 Quick Ways to Learn Computer on Your Own. Hope this information can help you.

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