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How to Get Free Internet on Android phones

How to Get Free Internet on Android phones . Get free internet, who wouldn't? We all want to be able to internet without spending the slightest cost. Especially now that we live in the internet age, everyone needs the internet. But how? Actually there are Ways and Tips to be free internet on Android phones or smartphones without the need to buy internet quota and wifi.

There are actually many ways that you can use to get free internet. Even some people use airplane mode, no data, no apps, VPNs as How to Free Internet.You can also enjoy surfing the internet, accessing Google, social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, watching Youtube and many more.

Well, as follows we will discuss how to get free internet forever without the latest quota that you can apply on android or smartphone. Let's go.

How to Get Free Internet on Android phones

How to Get Free Internet

Before moving on to how and tips on getting free internet all cards, there are a few things you need to prepare. What's that? Some of them are preparing cards for android phones. 

Next you also need to get Config for each card. Well, to get it yourself you can search on google or facebook group with keywords such as Config tri card, im3, axis, telkomsel, xl and so on according to the card you have. However, in addition to config you also need an SSH or VPN to make it easier to internet for free.

Some sites that provide SSH and VPN for free are,, and many other sources. However, it is better to choose a Singapore server before creating a VPN or SSH. Well, after some of these things are prepared, you can go directly to the next stage, which is how to access the free internet.

1. Use HTTP Injector Application

With Config or Payload
  • First of all you need to do is download the HTTP Injector application in the Playstore. If it is installed please run the application.
  • Next will appear in the form of a warning, check the available box with the caption "I understand this app only for professional users" and then do not forget to click "OK"
  • Well, in the next page you will be faced with the main dashboard of the HTTP Injector.
  • Enter the config by clicking the logo like the document at the top right, then clicking "Import Config". Locate the location Config is located and then enter it.
  • If config has been entered then the next step is to turn on your internet connection. Also check the DNS and then select "Start".
  • Until here you just just wait for confirmation that shows the writing is connected.
  • If you have, sign out of the app by directly clicking the Android home. So don't click the back button.
  • If the internet is not connected, then turn the internet on and off until it can connect.
  • Done, free internet is connected.

Using SSH
  • First prepare the SSH that has been made in the previous preparatory step. Open the HTTP Injector application and then go to the SSH settings section.
  • Here enter the hosr, usename, password, port on the existing table. Then when it is filled scroll to the bottom and get the writing "Data compression". Check the available section of the box.
  • Next just get out of the SSH setting. Then go to the "Settings" section. At the bottom of the DNS set there are 3 options, you just select the option "DNS Google"
  • Go back to the "Settings" menu and search for "Advanced Settings". In advanced settings check all Wakelock CPU options, Save Battery, and Remove connected ethics logs.
  • Next don't forget to click "Tunnel Type". Later you will find 3 options as well, then just select "Direct SSH" and click "Start".
  • Wait until it connects and then exits the app by using the Home button instead of the back.
  • Done, free internet is connected.

2.Use the Ultrasurf App

  • First download the Ultrasurf app on the Playstore. Then open and run.
  • Next click the "Option" menu and check out some options: "Delete Cookies Automatically Upon Exiting", "Enable Hotkeys" and "Delete Historty Automatically Upon Exiting."
  • Then in the Local Listening Port section, enter this number "9666" and select the option "Setting Proxy" and then "OK".
  • When entering the Proxy Settings menu, also enter some numbers such as Then the proxy port with the number 8888.
  • Alternatively, you can click or select "directly use Ultrasurf". Then click "OK"
  • If successful, a notification will appear that you have successfully connected the server.
  • If it's successful, open your Mozilla browser and select "Settings"
  • On the "Advance" tab, select the advanced menu by clicking "Network". Finally, just equate the contents of the column with the data you have input applied named Ultrasurf. Click "OK."

3. Use OpenVPN

  • First of all prepare a VPN, if you do not have it please make it first on the site mentioned in the preparation section.
  • Then download the OpenVPN app on HP Android or Smartphone. After that, search the OpenVPN Connet menu and click the "Import" command.
  • In the section select "Import profile from sd card" and look for files with .ovpn format
  • Until here config has been entered, do not forget to click Connect and wait until the notification successfully appears.

4. Use VPN features on HP Android

  • First, prepare your VPN first. You can choose to create a VPN on the bestvpnssh, fastssh, and sshdropbear sites.
  • Next go to the Wireless & Network Settings section, then select VPN
  • In that section choose to add a new VPN and select add PPTP VPN again.
  • Well, next will appear the column where you have to fill in the Name of the VPN, Server VPN and Enable Encryption. In the VPN Name you can fill up whatever, while for VPN Server you fill with IP server. As for Enable Encryption, do a tick then don't forget to save it.
  • Go back to the VPN page. Here will appear the VPN you created, enter the username and password in accordance with the VPN you created.
  • The last step, just connect your internet data and until the writing is connected appears
  • You can enjoy the internet for free.

5. Use KPN Tunnel

  • For this way, first you need to download a free internet application without root in the Playstore. It's called KPN Tunnel.
  • After successfully downloading and installing it on your device, open the application and click on the three verticals on the right.
  • Next will appear many menus, you can choose config and then import. Here enter the config ssh or VPN that you have created before.
  • Lastly select "Start" and wait until it connects. If you are not already connected you can turn the data on and off again until there is a connected notification.

The above description is an updated information that discusses about How to Get Free Internet on Android phones. This information is especially useful for those of you who have not been able to afford to buy an internet package.

The ways and applications mentioned above are the most popular in use now. However, you can use other powerful and successful ways references. Well, even though you've managed to get free internet