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How to Easily Fix Black Screen in OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most popular software. Its usefulness is for PC and laptop screen recorders. In addition to the satisfactory screen recorder results, this device is also free. It's just that the problem that often occurs is the black screen. So how to easily fix black screen on OBS Studio?

The first time using a device or application is likely to make you confused and worried when problems occur. The same goes for obs studio. The possibility of black screen on OBS Studio will change to black plus you will not be able to access your PC or laptop screen.

How to Easily Fix Black Screen in OBS Studio

Fix Black Screen in OBS Studio

1. First solution

For the first way this can be done easily. This activity aims to make OBS Studio able to run again by utilizing "Integrated Graphics." The steps that can be done are as follows:

  • The first step is to close the OBS Studio application if it is still active or running.
  • If you've already closed the OBS Studio app, the next step is to right-click on your desktop screen
  • Then select on the list "Nvidia Control Panel"
  • Then the next step is to choose the menu "Manage 3D Settings"
  • Then switch to "Program Setting"
  • no, on the selected give page or list "Select a Program Customizee"
  • Next, choose the software or application "Open Broadcaster Software"
  • Then on the list you can select "Select the prefered graphics processor for this program"
  • On the next page select "Integrated Graphics"
  • Don't forget to click "Apply"
  • Once you've finished running all of the above stages, you can already close the Nvidia Control Panel.

After completing the step on the first solution to fix Black Screen on OBS Studio, you can re-open OBS Studio. If you have seen on the OBS Studio screen change from initially black, to a normal screen on your PC, then it is certain that OBS Studio can process or run normally again. 

If you want to see results from OBS Studio device recordings, try to start recording your PC screen. How? The usual way is to click "Start Recording".  At this stage wait a while and then click stop recording. To open the folder where the recordings are stored you can select the File > Show Recordings menu.

2. Second solution

Well, if the second way does not use or open nvidia control panel but use the settings in Windows 10. If your PC or laptop uses Windows 10 can take advantage of this method. The steps that need to be done are as follows.

  • The first stage you can open directly "Windows Settings"
  • Then in Windows Settings you open "System" and then "Display"
  • Next let's move to the bottom of the page, please scroll the page down.
  • Click "Graphics Settings" after finding it
  • The next step is to click on the "Browse" button
  • Don't forget to select an OBS executable file (to find it is usually located in the location that is C:Program Filesobs-studiobin64bitobs64.exe)
  • If obs has been successfully added, then next is you need to click "Option"
  • Select "Power Saving" and restart OBS
  • Until this stage overcoming black screen in OBS Studio is done by utilizing the settings in Windows 10. 
  • Good luck and succeed.

Whether you choose the first way by using Nvidia Control Panel or the second way is by utilizing the settings in windows 10, do it carefully and carefully. Follow the stages and commands, then convinced black screen on OBS Studio can be fix properly. This method includes successful and powerful and has been done and tried by some people. 

The description above is more information that tells you the solution to fix the black screen problem in OBS Studio that is often experienced by some people. With this simple technique can be powerful and successfully restore your screen as before.

Various sophisticated software or devices that we use do not mean it does not have weaknesses. Although there are device problems that you experience, do not worry and take steps to fix as we have discussed above. Good and correct care will have a good impact on your device. Good luck.