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How to Activate Windows 10 Pro for Free Permanently

Windows 10 is the most advanced operating system successfully released by Microsoft. As we know windows is the most widely used operation by people around the world. However, there are still many people who hesitate to install Windows 10. Though the how to activate Windows 10 Pro for Free Permanently can be done quickly and for free. Why is that?

There are various reasons why many people are reluctant to upgrade their Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10. One of the reasons is because it is difficult to download, install up to how to activate windows 10. Did you know, how to activate windows 10 permanently can be done online or offline easily. By using Windows 10, there are various advantages that will be obtained. Some of them are compatible across all devices, dynamic start menus, multiple application displays on one screen and more. Interested in Windows 10 activation?

Don't worry because it's easy and fast. In addition, the activation process is free alias at no cost. How? Let's see the stages and information below.

How to Activate Windows 10 Pro for Free Permanently

Activate Windows 10 Pro

If you want to activate windows 10 on your device, you can use crack software with some preparation in advance. However, if you want to activate using the original Windows 10 license, then there is no need to make preparations as below:

How to Activate Windows 10 with Software Crack offline

Windows 10 can be permanently activated even if you don't have a product key, but the condition is that you must take advantage of third-party applications. These third-party applications can be used to activate Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise as well as KMS Pico and KMS Auto Lite. However, some of the things you need to prepare are:


Turn off Windows Antivirus

Before going to the step of activating windows 10 utilizing the KMS Auto Lite or KMS Pico program, make sure in advance if you have disabled windows defender or other antivirus installed on your device. Why is that?

Because when the activator tool program is run, windows antivirus will consider it a threat even though it is safe and harmless. As a result, the program will be disrupted and become an error. This is the reason why it's important to turn off windows defender before you activate windows 10 if using a third-party app.

Allow Windows Script Host

If you use smadav antivirus program, it should be considered to give permission to the execution of Windows Script Host first. When you use smadav antivirus program, the status of windows script host will change to "disable" status. Meanwhile, kms auto lite or KMS pico programs require permission to be able to run Windows Script Host. Then, you need to give permission or the "Allow" feature to Smadav.

After completing this stage of preparation, the next step you can already do the activation process of Windows 10 Home, Pro or Enterprise permanently offline utilizing Software Crack. It's worth knowing, your Windows 10 will be pirated if you take advantage of Crack Software. It would be better to use the original license.

If you want to keep doing it, let's take the steps as follows:

1. Using KMS Auto Lite

The first tool is to use KMS Auto Lite which is used for permanent activation of Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise. Software that works for Office and Windows activation can be used with the following steps:

  • First of all, download the KMS Auto Lite file first.
  • Do Kms Auto Lite File Extract that has been successfully downloaded
  • Open and run the software according to Windows Bits
  • Then install GVLK and install Windows key
  • Select "Activate Windows 10" and wait until the Activation process is complete
  • Windows 10 is now actively using KMS Auto Lite.

2. Using KMS Pico

The second how to do this is to use KMS Pico. This application program has the same function as kms auto lite previously discussed. It's just that, the difference itself lies in its easier use. You can take steps as follows:

  • First download the KMS Pico File first
  • Then extract kms pico file that has been successfully downloaded
  • Open and run KMS Pico
  • Then wait until successful activation.
  • Now Windows 10 has been successfully activated using KMS Pico
  • How to Activate Windows 10 Original License

3. Using a Product Key

If you want to activate using the original Windows without utilizing additional tools, then all you need is a product key. So before starting you should already have a product key or in the form of serial number original windows 10.

If you don't have a serial number or product key, you can get it at a low price at a Windows 10 license seller. If you already have a product key or serial number, we just take steps to activate online at the following stages:

  • First open the Settings section first and select "Activate Windows now"
  • Next click "Activation"
  • Then click the "Change product key" button
  • Here you can enter the Windows 10 license in the "Enter product key" window
  • Click "Next" to continue
  • Next to activate windows 10, don't forget to click "Click Activate"
  • As of now, your Windows 10 is activated

The description above is more information that discusses related tutorials on how to activate Windows 10 permanently and for free that you should know. Interestingly, the above method is not only limited to activate Windows 10, but can also be applied to activate Windows 8. You can use these tips and tricks according to your needs and conditions.

As soon as you activate Windows 10 on your device, you can enjoy the various advantages that have been mentioned at the beginning of this article. It's just that in the activation process, it is not recommended to use the type of pirated software, it is better to choose the original software so that you avoid harm. Good luck.